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About us

1. Bouquets

For us the word bouquet is not just a flower packaging. Bouquet for us is a word for love and a harmonious blend of colors.
We prepare bouquets - from standard to most exotic and bizarre flowers from anywhere in the world.

Here you will find romantic bouquets of red roses prepared in a unique way, and fresh combinations of lilies, chrysanthemums, gerberas ... assortment is rich. But, you will also be impressed by the bizarre bouquets- boats and other more surprising forms. Because we are floral boutique "La Rose".

2. Flower Baskets
The variety of baskets that you find with us is rarely seen. From baskets for your pet to a small basket with dry flowers.
We will prepare pot flower-surprise!
If you fill it with fresh flowers - good mood!
Putting fruits inside- healthy ... and tasty.
Arranging it with sweet candies and chocolates- you will eat it!
And for kids – all kind of toys - Congratulations baby!
We use your and our imagination!

3. Arrangements in glass
Sand, sea surprises- but we are not at sea!
Japanese style candlesticks - but we stay in Bulgaria!
Colored sand and pebbles with cacti, succulents and other flowers - but we are not in the desert!
It's all in glass.
Our ideas will result in a small jar sea, desert or Japan itself in your home!
We tell stories in a glass!
4. Arrangements with dried flowers
Dried flowers for us are a godsend! And Sachs is their king!
5. Hand-made things
For birds and the bees:
Butterflies and ladybugs, mushrooms and apricot discover them in our things!
The sunshine that so playfully shines in my eyes and this music! Do you hear it? Feel the spring!

Summer is ... feel the breeze on gift wrapping.

Hang the fall of the wall, feel the smell of coffee and cinnamon that nimble bees will arrange.

Winter is – we received countless e-mails from good kids. Hard working hands of our smiling little dwarfs whole year shape up surprises for the larger children to. Snow White will make Christmas golden, purple red and snow white.

6. Organizing celebrations
Birthday? Name Day? A company party? Engagement? Wedding? Christening? Each of your special occasions is ours!

7. Delivery
Sometimes left, sometimes right. Here became too closer!